1-2 family house in shell construction with finished granny flat + further building plot in 2nd row

Description short

A 1-2 family shell house with finished granny flat + further building land in 2nd row, total floor area 1,139 m2, plots are divided and developed.

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On offer is a shell of a 1-2 family house in mint condition with granny flat and additional building land on a total plot area of 1,139 m2.

The right of way to the property in the 2nd row is registered in the land register, the right of way with sufficient space for the passage for cars / lorries on the left side of the property, as well as another right of way with a narrower path on the right side directly to the property. This means that the property can be accessed from 2 sides.
All development work for the house has already been carried out.

-plot with a surface area of 1,086 m2 including the proportionate 1st right of way
-2nd right of way approx. = 53 m2
Total: 1,139 m2 plot area

However, the very large and already green plot can also be extended with the existing shell house, for example with a multi-generational family.
The new building/unfinished building with an already constructed and habitable granny flat can be converted and extended to suit your own wishes or expanded with extensions.
It is possible to build another 1-2 family house on the additional building land next to the shell of the house or to leave the large garden landscape as it is or to use it for yourself and your comfort.
There is enough open space to the side and behind the shell of the house for various activities.
There is also ample space behind the house for the construction of additional parking spaces.

Additional information and potential:
There is also the possibility of acquiring further plots directly next door (the right of way is shared), there is already an existing house (80s) on the middle level, in front of it to the street side and behind it further buildings are possible or to leave it as a green landscape. On request, we can also send you this complete exposé. Each of the individual plots is already divided with its own land register sheet. A maximum of 5 divided plots/houses are possible with this offer and the additionally purchasable one.


-1-2 family house shell
-additional building plot for another 1-2 family house
-plot, total floor area 1,139 m2
-Right of way and footpath registered in the land register
-Development according to § 34 surrounding and neighbourhood development

-1 New build/raw house (1-3 family house) with finished granny flat
-Fully developed plot
-granny flat already completed (large bathroom, fitted kitchen, 2 living rooms)
-Ground floor
-top floor
-a total of around 5-6 living/bedrooms
-a large terrace
-garage construction started
-3 further outdoor car parking spaces
-very large and beautifully landscaped garden area
-existing bio-pond with small bridge superstructure
-garden house

-1st residential unit with approx. 65 m2 living space in the basement (granny flat completed)
-2nd residential unit on 2 floors (ground floor + first floor) approx. 125 m2 living space in shell construction.
The roof area can be converted/extended accordingly.


A quiet and central location in Potsdam-Eiche.
The unique building land on offer here is located in a district right next to Sanssouci Palace Park and around 4 km from the city centre.
An absolute residential idyll surrounded by nature, park size and nearby infrastructure.
An intact infrastructure such as kindergarten, school, doctors, garage, shopping facilities, church and public transport such as bus and train are all within walking distance.
Sanssouci Palace Park, the University of Potsdam and the Science Park are in the immediate vicinity.


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Indoor amenities

Outdoor amenities

  • true  Terrace  
  • true  Toilets  
  • true  Grill  true
  • true  Parking  true
  • true  cellar  
  • true  Garten/mitbenutzung  


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energy certificate

  • final energy:   kWh EP / m2, year
  • energy efficiency:  0.00 kWh/(m²*a)
  • Energy efficiency class:  -
  • year of construction:  
  • Heating:  
  • Energy certificate valid until:  


Ihr Ansprechpartner:

AV Immobilien Berlin Real Estate Agency Herr Aleksander Vukas E-Mail: av@av-immobilien-berlin.de Tel: +49 30 25581803 Mobil: +49 176 84055531 Fax : +49 30 48822963 Web: http://www.av-immobilien-berlin.de

Object number: 437

Living area: 190m2

Rooms: 7

Office space: 0m2

Store space: 0m2

Sales area: 0m2

Hall space: 0m2

Storage space: 0m2

Dining area: 0m2

Subarea: 0m2

total area: 0m2

House number: XX

Zip code: 14469

City: Potsdam (OT Eiche)

County: Brandenburg

Area:   150m² - 250m²  

Bathrooms: 3

Bedrooms: 5

Sale price: € 1.100.000

Rent price (incl.): € 0

Rent price (excl.): € 0

Ownership:   Agent  

Agent Fee: 3,57 % Brutto vom beurkundeten Kaufpreis vom Käufer zu zahlen

true  commission

storey: 2

floor: 0

number of bedrooms: 5

number of bathrooms: 3

number of separate toilet: 1

Usable area: 0m2

Vacant from: sofort, in Absprache

state: Rohbau, Einliegerwohnung im Souterrain bereits fertiggestellt

Garage / parking space purchase price: 0€

Garage / parking space:   Aussenstellplatz  

Object state:   Neuwertig  

Last modernization/ renovation: Rohbau mit fertig gestellter Einliegerwohnung

true  Suitable as a vacation home


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